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Spotlight on anime: PSYCHO-PASS
Set in a future where Japan has cut itself off from the rest of the world, PSYCHO-PASS takes a chilling looking at the future of police, the future of justice, and the future of crime itself. In this so-called utopia where one hardly has to think for themselves, a person's 'hue' -- an aura-type color that denotes one's mental state -- and 'psycho pass' -- a number which designates one's crime coefficient -- can mean the difference between a life of freedom and a life of imprisonment. For those with clear hues and low a psycho-pass, life is as close to perfect as can be. But for those with a cloudy hue or a high psycho-pass, every day is filled with the fear that an automated street scanner will deem them a 'latent criminal' and throw them into prison for the rest of their lives.
Tsunemori Akane, fresh out of school, is a newbie police inspector who's just been assigned to the Public Safety Bureau via an aptitude test conducted by the omniscient, unquestionably trusted Sibyl System. This means that she will be meeting and working with Enforcers for the first time, and, understandably, when the first day on the job comes, she's nervous, because she's heard the stories. Enforcers are people who have been previously judged as latent criminals by the Sibyl System, and have then been given the opportunity to forgo prison in return for helping the police solve crimes. This paradoxical anomaly occurs because -- due to the Sibyl System weeding out all the out-of-the-box thinkers from society -- it has been discovered that Enforcers have more of a knack for solving crimes than the police themselves. In other words, it takes a 'criminal' to catch a criminal.
It takes Tsunemori a while to get used to her new colleagues, from her Inspector partner, Ginoza, to the four Enforcers on her team, but it isn't long before she learns the latter aren't the monsters they're made out to be, and that perhaps the Sibyl System isn't such a perfect judge after all.
After a serial criminal taunts Tsunemori and her team, truths about human nature, the government, the PSB, and the Sibyl System itself threaten to shatter the self-imposed peace and nonchalance in which the country has enveloped itself. Can Tsunemori find the truth without compromising her own psycho-pass? Will the true form of the Sibyl System be revealed? And will it ever be possible to stop crime for good?
-- contributed by Sudoku38  
Check out the first episode of PSYCHO-PASS here. Watch on Hulu streaming.
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UPDATE on WSJ Alpha!!
This morning, VIZ Media announced that they're making their Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha digital magazine with all your favorite manga series a same day release! This means the manga chapters will be released on the same day they come out in Japan. This simultaneous release will begin January 21, 2013.
As you know, in October of 2013, VIZ's Vice President of publishing, Alvin Lu, told us that the online magazine would move to an instant model, so get ready, otaku, because it is happening. VIZ also announced they're adding more series to their lineup, too. get the app
At Otaku USA Online...

CG Captain Harlock Film Sets Sails for Fall 2013 - Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock has been in the works as a CG-animated feature, first showcased in 2010 as a proof of concept alongside a CG Gaiking project. Well, it looks like things are moving along smoothly, as Captain Harlock has been confirmed...


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